PunjabiPaisa is an honest effort by team of young entrepreneurs to offer a wide range of unique products, which can empower and enhance your day to day activities. We thought of starting this venture after a thorough analysis of the e-commerce industry and realizing the fact that even though there are plenty of service providers, the category and variety of products are somewhat same!

Though it’s our constant endeavor to offer different products, we also offer superior and cost effective alternatives for some of the products that are readily available in market or on such platforms.
We believe that great ventures are not born but created and to create these ventures, there are no short cuts. We are committed to hard work and bringing quality products in day to day life.


Punjabi’s have been long known for their generous and welcoming nature across the world and we feel proud to start this initiative with the same honest and pious commitment. We are confident and strongly believe that as we grow, we would be able to offer more and more back to you as we have a vision, which supersedes just being a shop, being a seller, having a customer, having a transaction. If we can offer something, thorough which we can ensure you visit us back, we would say, Job Well Done. Chak De!

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