Retro Carved Faucet Antique Bronze Brass Carved Faucet Single Handle Bathroom Sink Mixer Water Faucet

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Product Description

Name:Bathroom Sink Faucet
Finish:Antique bronze finish
Number of Handles:1
Type: single slot/double groove/wash basin
Product Weight:about 1438g
Special Features:Quiet Close, Easy to Install, Quiet
With two pipes for hot and cold water

Thickening material, not easy to rust, not easy corrosion.
Fine polishing grinding, genuine materials, durable.
With all necessary fittings,easy to install.
Contracted joker, all sorts of decorate a style can
easily manage, without having to bother to match.

To make your faucet play good performance, refer to
the following installation instructions
1. Install the first through the water before the water
once, despite row over debris to prevent clogging or
affecting foaming properties;
2. Press the same type of diagram method and mating
thread sizes are properly installed;
3. The red flag marked with the hot water and hot water
pipe , blue flag and cold water pipes connected, under
normal circumstances, the left is red, the right is blue;
5. The installation will pass the water once, check all joints
for leaks, whether the tap is working properly.

Cleaning methods:
1. Use water and a cloth, try to remove surface dirt and dirt film.
2. Use a mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaning liquid,
non-acidic cleaning fluid, non-abrasive action of the polishing liquid.
3. After the cleaning is finished, immediately wash with water
taps again to remove all cleaning solution, and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Size and weight due to personal method with
measuring tool is different, so there may be error,
hope you can understand, thank you.

Package Included
1 x Faucet
2 x The pipe
1 x nut
2 x Sealing ring

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