Universal 8mm ultra Thin disk Wireless Charging Pad Qi Standard Wireless Charger For Iphone/Samsung note5/S6/S6 edge

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Product Description

What is a wireless charger?
Wireless charger is the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction charging device.
The sending and receiving ends have a coil, the sender coil (is the wireless charger) wired power generating signal receiving terminal (ie mobile terminal) sensor sends a signal at the end to produce a current to charge the battery.
Product Description:
Name: wireless charger Pad
Input:DC 5V 2A
Output:DC 5V 1A
Main features: wireless charging transmitter through the receiver\’s power to charge. With this Qi standard wireless power charger, you can charge all your Qi-enabled devices without the bother of messy cables. It is ultra-thin, convenient and universal, just drop and charge.

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