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Wireless US WiFi Phone Remote Repeater Smart AC Plug Outlet Power Switch Socket White

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Product Description

This Wifi Smart Socket is a big step forward in household intelligence.It can remote control your appliance in any time at anywhere with access to internet, So you can know the status of your appliance at all times. It also has timing function. then you do not need to worry about your appliance will be over chargered.

With the connect to Internet, Control your sockets in real time with a smart phone.
Support status tracking, home appliances status timely feedback to your device.
The WiWo app features a countdown, multiple timer function,multiple timer settings and scene setting. Features:
Working Principle: Smart Socket connects to Internet through WIFI and controls the power of socket from APP in Smart Phone.
Supports WiFi network & remote network connection through the router.
Support Smart configure net technology, easy to access settings.
Know the status of your sockets at all times.
If you switch it on, the App will show you that it’s on and vice versa.
The socket integrates the latest and most reliable SmartLink technology.
The WiWo app under goes frequent updates to maximize the user experience.
Two Wifi sockets can be plugged in the same double socket with room to spare.
Designed to allow access your sockets ON/OFF switch.
In terms of size, reliability and performance this socket is without an equal.
Plug and play, no need to install battery( Plug into socket and operate according the detailed Instruction Manual). Common Use:
With the touch of your phone, Control any appliance from home or anywhere in the world.
Plug in a lamp, set the timer and have it switch on or off at pre-set times.
Won’t get home until after dark, switch on the lights.
Geat for home security.
Switch the stereo or the TV on. For the Office:
Switch on the AC, dehumidifier or the air ioniser.
Power on the water cooler.
Switch on the heaters.
Control your office appliances. Note:Home appliances shouldn’t exceed 10A 1100W total loading .Not recommended to use with high power appliances(e.g. heater, microwave, electric toaster/ oven etc. exceeding 1100W). Product Features:
Voltage: AC110-250V
Current: 10A
Power: 2200W
Mobile phone remote control, timer switch.
Charge protection, delay control
Package include:
1 x wifi plug
1 x User Manual.


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